Bike Service

At BicycleXperience we are a full service bike shop which means we can do nearly everything short of build a frame for you, although we do know a couple guys in town who can… Suspension service, hub overhauls (including most internally geared hubs), and our personal favorite custom wheel builds.

Our technicians have many years of experience in all areas of bicycle service and repair and are just as excited to work on your daily commuter bike as they are your carbon wonder bike. Simply put, we are the best in town because we are the most passionate about what we do and want to spread the joy of two wheels by giving you the best riding bike in town.

What separates our custom wheels apart from the rest? Have you ever had a wheel that would break spokes and realized not only how obnoxious it can be but also costly? A great wheel is much more than true and dished, a strong wheel that will remain true and not break spokes starts with attention to detail like proper and even spoke tension, proper stress relieving and proper component selection from the wheel builder, these are things machine built wheels can not offer.

An extremely important thing off the shelf wheels can not offer is hand selected components, we have the skills and experience to help you select the best hubs/rims/spokes/nipples for both your riding style and budget to get you a wheel that should outlast the rest of your bike without weighing you down.